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Keypad buttons with Stringify

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    Originally posted by lilyoyo1 View Post

    You're right, that was too far and I apologize for it. The advice still holds true however. He is treated like he is for a reason that you are seeing for yourself.
    No worries, I can see what has happened here. A bit of a history here with back and forth, and I realize we should all move forward! amen!


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      I want to control my hue scenes with a different keypad button because I already have an all lights scene tied to main on/off with stringify to control hue accordingly. This would be great however, I do realize the security problems this would invoke, so I guess I'm stuck. Yes stuck with having to get down and dirty with homeseer. The plan is to not rely on maintaining another computer just to have more problems. I know Ive been a pain but I think we all want the future to be now.


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        Press a button and have the button indicate what button was pressed and also send its commands makes sense to me. Stringify is a partner apparently filling some gaps for some users and Stringify could do better if the button pressed is identified. Sounds like a good idea to me.


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          Originally posted by B-ran View Post
          On and off with Stringify will have to do ttantalo.
          Why do you need this any way?
          I know this conversation has sat idle for a while, but I'm going to chime in a little late...hopefully respectfully.

          I've spoken with numerous people at Insteon/Smartlabs about this very thing. I work on a third-party product that uses Insteon's API, and we'd love to see the same thing (or at least something that gets us partway there). Insteon's keypads are among if not the best of its products. For well under $150, you can have a fully customized wall keypad with professionally engraved buttons to control scenes or individual devices. And they come in more than just contractor white and contemporary pro-builder black. But their power is limited to Insteon devices. Imagine if you could extend that beyond the Insteon border. Imagine if specific buttons could set moods the included setting the light color. Or if an All Off scene button could turn everything in the room off, even if it's not Insteon-powered.

          Just as the keypad sends a command to all the devices when you press the load button (including the hub its paired with), it does the same if you press any of the other buttons, as long as they're also paired with something. So maybe it's not possible to explicitly identify individual buttons out of the box, but if the engineers could figure out a way of letting you pair a button to a virtual device, then in theory the hub could pass some identifier through the API via the event stream when that command is initiated. Then it's up to the third-party products to let you use those identifiers as triggers for events in their ecosystems when they show up in the stream. It might be kind of like how you link IFTTT and Stringify today. Maybe it's not that simple, but I believe it's worth some thoughtful consideration, and I'm not currently convinced it requires significant re-architecturing.

          Anyway, those are just my quick thoughts on the matter. I believe this would be hugely useful for third-party developers, hobbyists, and other Insteon users who are desperate to integrate other products and capabilities into their Insteon homes.