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Pgramming x-10 commands into 2466 ToggleLink Relay

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  • Pgramming x-10 commands into 2466 ToggleLink Relay

    I am trying to program my new 2466 ToggleLink to accept x-10 commands. I follow the instructions in the manual:

    1) Press and hold ToggleLinc’s Set button until it beeps (about 3 seconds).
    ToggleLinc’s status LED will blink.
    You will have 4 minutes to complete the next step before linking mode times out.
    2) Using an X10 controller, send the X10 address you want to assign to ToggleLinc Relay followed by the ON command three times.
    For example, to assign the address A1, you would send A1-ON-A1-ON-A1-ON.
    3) Once ToggleLinc Relay has received the sequence, it will exit linking mode.
    ToggleLinc will double-beep.

    2466 then accepts TURN ON command from X-10 controller but will NOT respond to a TURN OFF command from the same controller. The controller being use will control other X-10 devices. Manual switch works OK.

    Where am I going wrong?


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    So the X10 On command works but the X10 Off command does not work.
    This many times is the load making noise and not allowing the Off command to be received.
    You may want to try disconnecting the load and see if it then can be turned On and Off.

    Another possibility is the X10 signal is very weak at its location.
    Do you have any phase coupler or repeater coupler in your setup?
    Do you have any filters on possible signal noise makers or absorbers?
    There is a good set of X10 Troubleshooting Tutorials here: [url][/url]


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      Thanks BLH. I do have a phase coupler. I also have a range expander (2992). I have another 2466 on the second floor (open area between 2466s) that also controls a separate floodlight. The second 2466 programmed and works. I tried to get the "bad" 2466 to connect to is Insteon controller using the Insteon connect (n0 X-10) and it also fails.

      I will try the web page you suggested.

      Thanks much for your help.



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        The 2446 is not Dual Band so the 2992-222 will not help it directly. It will pass the Insteon Messages to other Dual Band Devices you have that maybe closer to the 2466.
        The 2992-222 and all other Dual Band Devices only pass Insteon message and do nothing for X10 power line signals.

        The sales page for the 2466 also no longer shows X10 support. As Smartlabs-Smarthome are in the process of dropping X10 support in many of their modules.
        If you can't program an X10 address in it at all and it is new. It may no longer accept X10 addresses.