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WatchOS 5 breaks the Insteon app

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  • WatchOS 5 breaks the Insteon app

    if you have an Apple Watch and download the latest WatchOS the Insteon app will no longer work in the watch until Insteon updates it. The phone app works fine on ios12

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    I just got an Apple Watch 4. There isn't even an option to install the Insteon app. I hope this is fixed quickly. That was one of the reasons why I bought the watch.

    Between this and the new Alexa app's "there was a problem" message, I am worried about future Insteon compatibility with apps.
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      Here's what Insteon support told me about this:

      "I apologize about the issue you are experiencing with your Apple Watch and the Insteon for Hub application. We are currently aware that with the latest OS5 update for the Apple Watch, the Insteon for Hub application will no longer function. Our development team is looking into this and we hope to have an update to share with you soon."

      Hopefully, they will have this up and running again quickly.


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        Yes, I hope they take this seriously. Being able to use the Apple Watch with Insteon to me is more important than using the app on the iPhone.
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          WatchOS 5 came out on September 17th. IOS and Watch OS are updated every 12 months. So, 1/6th of this version's life is already over.

          If Insteon cannot be loyal to their customers, how can they expect us to be loyal to them? The company needs to stop acting like this is a hobby for us. We spend large amounts of money to get all of the Insteon components for our installations. If they want Insteon to succeed, they will have to show that they have not abandoned us.

          Insteon, please update your software!


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            Here we are....end of November...still not working. Very disappointing.


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              Please, Insteon, post a public status update with an ETA for when the Apple Watch app will be fixed. Thank you!


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                Any update on this??? I recently purchased an Apple Watch and this would GREATLY expand the functionality. Please make sure to bring this back!


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                  I would probably reach out to the guys over at Homeboy to see if they could add support to their app for watchOS.


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                    It's now been 4 months since watchOS 5 came out. No Apple Watch updates to the app yet. It's beginning to look like Insteon doesn't care any more, even though their website is still pushing Apple Watch compatibility.

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                      Still not working. It’s now March. They are full of it when they say they are working on it. What do I do now? I have 30 switches and other devices in my house that I cannot use with my watch. Is there something else I can use to achieve this?


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                        I asked Insteon Support about the status and their reply is below. They actually suggested using another App until theirs gets fixed. It doesn't give me much hope. Not thrilled with the other app either.

                        Thank you for contacting Insteon Technical Support.

                        We are currently in the process of going through the app for updating but we currently do not have an ETA. As for the Apple Watch; although the Insteon for Hub app does not work directly with Watch OS5, we are recommending that you look at the app "Yonomi" which integrates with our Hub and has an Apple Watch app.