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Installing switch driving me batty

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  • Installing switch driving me batty

    My junction box has a live black wire and a neutral white wire. The Insteon has three wires including red. According to Insteon documentation for a 2-wire box the black goes to black and the red goes to the box's white. I've tried other combinations without success.

    What is the correct connections to use.

    A newbie

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    The white wire in your box is not a neutral wire. Depending on your use and bulbs, you will either need the 2 wire dimmer (2474dwh) or a micromodule in your fixture and the wiring re-done so that the white wire in your box becomes a neutral.

    I'm sure Stusviews will be on soon. He will be able to tell you exactly how to accomplish this.


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      If by junction box, you actually mean switch box, then lilyoyo1 is correct, white is line and black is load, There is no neutral wire in that box. You have two choices (maybe only one).

      If the load is incandescent, then a 2-wire Insteon dimmer will work. The other choice is to reconnect the wires at the fixture to make white neutral and black line and install a SwitchLinc dimmer at the switch box and a Micro Module dimmer inside the fixture box. Then link the SwitchLinc as a controller of the Micro Module.

      BTW, that's the usual method when the load is not incandescent any you have only black and white at the switch box.
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        I replaced the switch with the 2-wire model and now the switch works, Thanks for the help.