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Dumb Question: How do you replace a Hub?

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    Dumb Question: How do you replace a Hub?

    *I searched, but was unable to find any result on this topic*

    After several years, my Hub went down. I now have a new Hub, but how do you get the App to know there's a new hub? When I launch the App, Click 'Sign-In', it just spins for a minute, then says "Unable to establish connection with Hub". I'm assuming it's still looking for the old Hub? How do you register the new Hub on my account?

    I can nee the hub has been given a DHCP lease, but not sure what more to do.




    Smarthome support has a hub migration process that will ship you a hub that has been merged into your existing account. Just buying a new hub outside that process will not work without adding devices You would have to create a new account and add your devices in again if you choose not to contact support to go through that process.

    if you old hub was a hub1 you will just have to start over. No way to merge a hub 1 to a hub 2. Hub 2’s are square and hub 1’s are rectangle.
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      Thanks for the insight, Steve.

      These are both Hub 2's. I maybe had 10-devices and 2-scenes, on the old Hub, so starting over is perfectly fine. So the next question would be; How do you Delete an Account?


        Just contact support in the morning and request a hub / account deletion.

        The other option is to create a new account with another email address and reprogram to that new account.


          Thanks. I had them delete/remove the user. Ugh.


            I'm in the exact same situation, except i have two houses, both with extensive programming. in my main house, i purchased a new hub to replace the one that died. how does one go through the 'migration process'?


              Here is the support article for Hub migrations: