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Muzzley app for WP now supports Insteon Lights

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  • Muzzley app for WP now supports Insteon Lights

    Just an FYI for the WP users out there. Muzzley, an app that is designed to do IFTTT type functions, but in a much simpler way, and it now supports INSTEON lights.

    What I found REALLY impressive is that after submitting a bug report, the responded very quickly, and had an update out to the store in less than 24hours.

    I don't have any of the other devices available in the app to take advantage of the IFTTT actions, but to be honest, I can get to the INSTEON lighting controls in Muzzley faster than the native app, and it has light level sliders for all of my lights, plus on/off, all on one page.
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    Downloaded it and installed it. So far, it looks good. I got it to connect to my Insteon account but it has access to only a limited number if devices so far in my system. I tried to add a "worker" but it looks like the time events (e.g. sunrise, sunset, etc.) are missing so I can't set up a "At Sunset, turn on my [Insteon] device". Maybe I am just missing something, but so far, the app looks simple. I might just download the .NET SDK and play around a bit...


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      Like I said, the developers are super responsive. Submit what errors you find, and request features and see what happens. I've got a few more to send in, but my main device is now on TP10 and I haven't had time to get them in.