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Multiple PLMs on the same network

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  • Multiple PLMs on the same network

    I just got a second PLM so that I can have one running my HA software and a second one just for software development.

    I think I know the answer to this but I want to check: if I want the new PLM to see what's going on around the network (monitor) as well as to be able to send commands, do I need to put links from the PLM to every device? In both directions?

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    Yes. For the new PLM to see messages from the modules and also control them.

    If you want to monitor messages between other modules not specifically sent to the new PLM's address. You will have to put it into the monitor mode and it will then see messages from modules that have a link in its Link Database.
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      BLH, do you know the command to put the PLM in monitor mode? I'm using the datasheet here:


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        It is not in that commands.htm
        It is in the Insteon Modem Developers Guide.
        Page 43 Set IM Configuration 0x02 0x6B


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          Thanks BLH!