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  • Smart Control for Floor Lamp

    I want to control a four-position (off, low, med, high) floor lamp with Insteon but am unable to determine the right way to do it. Having off/low/med/high specifically isn't necessary, but I do want some sort of dimming capability. Current bulb is a CFL with 600/1200/2150 lumen brightnesses. My first thought was smart switch and smart bulb, but no smart bulbs seem to even produce 1000 lumens, let alone 2150. Now I'm thinking smart switch plus dimmer outlet ([url];[/url] leave the physical floor lamp switch in the high position and them dim with the outlet. Will this work? What if I replace the bulb with a simple on/off bulb? Do I need to replace the lamp? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Most CFLs are not dimmable unless specifically so marked on the bulb, usually on or near the base. You ideal will work with any dimmable bulb. All incadescent bulb are. Some LEDs are, fewer CFLs can be dimmed. I've had luck mainly with dimmable LED bulbs. My experience is that dimmable CFLs don't last. I've yet to experience a burnout with Sylvania or Triangle LED dimmable bulbs.
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      Personally, I would set the lamp on its highest level, replace your current bulb with a standard dimmable bulb and use a lamplinc dimmer to dim the bulb. I prefer the philips warm glow LED bulbs but there are many others which work well with insteon