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Door/Garage Sensor On Only?

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  • Door/Garage Sensor On Only?

    Apologies if this covered elsewhere but is it possible to setup a scene with the Insteon Hub/App where a door sensor will turn lights on when the door is open but will not turn them off when the door is closed?

    Driving in at night and having the lights come on is great but as soon as I close the garage door the lights turn off and I stumble around in the dark. I'd like them to just stay on and turn them off manually at the switch regardless of the door postion. I've tried a number of options with the app but can't seem to find any promising options.


    - Chris

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    The Hub does not have the ability to create a conditionals (if this, then do that). It's an entry level HA device. You'll need something more costly such as software or an ISY. There's nothing in-between.
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      While the Hub by itself offers no conditional programming or duration timers or on-only functions, you can get all three using a free app and service called Stringify. Download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


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        Thank you both for the answers. Lazily was hoping to avoid the learning curve and just get away with the packaged products but will jump in now and get it sorted.

        Thanks again!