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Problem Setting email on Insteon 75790 Camera

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    Problem Setting email on Insteon 75790 Camera

    I installed a new 75790 Camera on my home network in December,. Everything went fine up to a point. I can view (and pan and tilt) my camera (in KS) from (FL) using my iphone with Insteon Hub Software. I followed the instructions and set port forwarding for the camera on my home network--all was good.
    Then I tried to set the camera to email me motion alerts. No matter how many different scenario's I've tried or email addresses I've tried nothing works. Regarding GMail, I have used the examples in the Insteon 75790 manual-they don't work. I have MS 2007 Outlook on my home computer. I used my outlook settings (SMPT Port and Security Settings) and they do not work when configured into the camera. I have tried my web based outlook email account and my web based icloud mail account. My suspicion is the problem may be associated with port forwarding or my Insteon Hub.. Below is an overview of my LAN.

    ISP = Google Fiber 1 GB Lan Speed
    Cisco Gigabit 5 port Switches
    Insteon 2245-222 Hub Connected to the Cisco Switch
    The 75790 camera is currently configured using DHCP on my WiFi network (Also google router and switch). WiFi in the home is very solid and fast.

    I must be missing something but just can't get my head wrapped around it. FYI: I have an Amcrest Wifi camera on the the same LAN using port forwarding and it sends alerts to my gmail address with no problems.

    Suggestions appreciated.

    KE Wilcox

    Emails shouldn't have anything to do with port forwarding. =D

    First, are you getting a successful test after you set up your email/SMTP info? if yes, continue, if no, what SMTP, port and security method are you using, and for what email domain?


    In the camera settings do you have "upload image on alarm" checked? If you do, uncheck it, save it and try again. That changes the upload from SMTP to FTP file upload, which you are not using.

    Don't forget to post your results.


      Although I have tried settings for 4 different email accounts I use, I really would like to use gmail. I use 2007 Outlook to download my mail. first of all, no matter what tried, the test function did not work. I started by trying every rendition mentioned on Owners Manual for 75790 dated 8.27.12, page 26 and 27 and 28.. Nothing works. I tried changing from TLS to STARTLS but the camera software will not let me enter 25/587. I went to the web and searched gmail smtp settings:[LIST][*]Gmail SMTP server address:[*]Gmail SMTP username: Your full Gmail address (e.g. [email][/email])[*]Gmail SMTP password: Your Gmail password.[*]Gmail SMTP port (TLS): 587.[*]Gmail SMTP port (SSL): 465.[*]Gmail SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes.[/LIST]TLS 587 does not work but it does work for Outlook 2007
      SSL not mentioned in manual

      I disabled my firewall and antivirus and malware software and tried again. Still same results.
      I am at a remote location for several weeks and may not be able to check the "upload image on alarm" question.

      Back to page 27 for a moment.
      I have been using my email address in the Senders and Receiver 1 blocks. The camera really doesn't have it's own email address.
      Could using my gmail address in both fields be causing a problem?

      Thanks for your reply. I'll keep digging.

      Additional comments / Suggestions welcome.


        No. I use the same address for send and receieve for my cameras.

        The settings for Gmail:

        Sender: your gmail address
        Receiver: your Gmal address
        SMTP Server:
        smtp port: 587
        TLS: StartTLS
        Needs Authentication: Checked
        User: sender gmail address
        password: gmail address password

        [B][U]Click submit first[/U][/B], then test. What is the error message that you receive?