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what model # of switch do i need for a 3 way switch

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  • what model # of switch do i need for a 3 way switch

    Could someone point me to the 3way dimmer and switch.
    Sorry about newbie question

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    Both switches in an INSTEON 3-way configuration are identical. Only one is connected to the load. The other device is linked to the first using hardware such as the Hub or ISY or software such as HouseLinc or by pressing a button or paddle on the device itself.
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      After you pick your model switch. You can download its Full Users Manual from the sales page. It will show how to use it in a 3way setup. As both need a Line and Neutral power connection.
      The 2474 two wire dimmer. That does not use a Neutral power connection and steals power through the load. Is not 3way compatible.