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Insteon Replacement for Old X10 Module

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  • Insteon Replacement for Old X10 Module

    I am beginning the process of replacing X10 modules with updated Insteon modules to work with Amazon echo or Google home. My system although really old works well but my in wall control touch screen is beginning to fail thus the switch over. My question is specifically concerning one item. I have a gate about 300 feet away from our home that is currently controlled by an X10 module that plugs into an AC outlet out at the gate to receive the signal and it has 2 low voltage wires that I ran into the gate opener control panel to operate the gate from the house. It's a simple pulse - if the gates are closed the pulse signals the gates to open and if the are open, they close... What would be the model number for an Insteon replacement module? Thank you in advance.

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    The old X10 module. Is probably an X10 UM506 or X10Pro PUM01. Set to the Momentary mode.

    The 2450 I/OLinc has a NO and NC dry contact relay in it. It can have the relay set to momentary and momentary mode time.


    Are you going to be up dating to Insteon to control it or trying X10? Officially they have said X10 support is being dropped but may modules still unofficially still do X10
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      Thanks BLH, very helpful... The articles I have been reading to try and determine exactly what to do have me pretty confused because many of them say that X10 is officially gone so it seems I have no choice but to abandon all the X10 equipment and move to the "pure" Insteon gear. However, since the gate is so far away from the house, I don't know how to get a WiFi signal reliably to the module... It should be pretty obvious at this point I am really confused...


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        Officially X10 addresses added to a module are gone. Many still will accept an X10 Primary address.
        Unless something has changed very recently. The 2450 still will do X10. For the internal relays control and sending an X10 signal with the Sensor changing status.
        Do you still want to use an X10 controller to access the modules during the paced changing to Insteon?
        Insteon and the rare X10 2Way modules have a power line transmitter in them. The transmitter will absorb some of the power line signals. Insteon modules in the mesh network will pass the Insteon message along. With Power line and RF signals. They do not pass on X10 messages. Some have seen their X10 performance degrade as more Insteon modules are added.


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          If you are replacing X10 two wire wall switch dimmers. They steal power through the incandescent bulb load. Line and Load connections.

          The Insteon modules all use a Neutral power connection along with the Line and Load connections. Check for a Neutral power connection bundle of wires in the back of the electrical boxes. If the old X10 switches are dimmers. The X10 On/Off relays modules required a Neutral power connection. So in those cases there should be a Neutral connection there.

          There is one model Insteon wall switch that does steal power through the incandescent Load. It can't be in a three way setup and does not accept X10.


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            Thanks again BLH... You have managed to really get me into the weeds here. I have printed out your replies and will now have to digest all your information and attempt to understand. I've had the old X10 stuff working flawlessly for many many years and quite honestly can't remember what I installed back when... Once I installed a 240 volt amplifier / bridge everything simply always worked. If the touch screen that we use to control everything hadn't started losing the display, I wouldn't be here. Now I'm considering using a hub and tying everything into an Amazon echo or Google home... Lots to learn! Thanks again