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Sequencing devices with a delay

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  • Sequencing devices with a delay

    I'm looking for a solution and can't figure out whether Insteon will work for me or not.
    I want to control several things in my house from Alexa. I can do most of it without any additional equipment, but I'm running into one problem.

    I have a media room with several pieces of equipment controlled by Z-Wave appliance modules. Right now I can turn individual items on and off. But I want to say something like "Alexa, turn media room on". This will turn on several things, including lights and equipment. I can't use a simple scene - if I turn everything on at once the surge will trip the breaker. So what I want is to have a 5 second delay between each one. Is this possible with an Insteon product?

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    I would recommend an isy994 by universal devices. You could then write a program that turns on the devices that you want. Using their portal,