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proper way to insttall 8-button keypad to control lights in a room

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  • proper way to insttall 8-button keypad to control lights in a room

    Hi all - Building a log house and using Insteon products for lighting/fan control. Just putting this out there as a sanity check. 8 button keypad for controlling 5 light fixtures as individuals and various groups. I assume that each fixture needs an inline linc and you program each button manually as described or by software. How about fans on an 8-button keypad? Just on/off or can you do speeds? If so how? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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    You’d use a FanLinc instead of a Micro Module. Then you can either program scenes or use bright/dim commands to adjust the fan speed between high, medium, low and off.


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      The keypad can be wired directly to one load (e.g., light). That's also called the primary button. Each of the other buttons (secondary) can be linked to one or more other devices. They can be Micro Modules or Switchlincs.

      As TFitzpatri8 indicated, A FanLinc is usually controlled by it's own keypad, most often a 6-button keypad. The top and bottom buttons control the light (on and off, respectively) and the remaining four button control the 3 speeds plus off for the fan. The keypad is linked to, but not wired to the FanLinc.
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        I've got an 8 button keypad controlling two fanlincs in my living room. It works well but there is a gotcha: don't hook the power on/off switch to the circuit with the fanlincs - they need to always be on and you'll get issues if try it. If you'd like more details, I blogged about it [URL=""]here[/URL].

        Other than that, if you can make a scene for it, you can make one of the buttons control it.
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