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FEATURE REQUEST: Director App: App Devices as a scene director

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    FEATURE REQUEST: Director App: App Devices as a scene director

    This is primarily to keep multi-way switch implementations in sync. If linked at the device level, every time you press on or off on the device it activates the scene and all of the physical devices in that scene are keep in sync.

    HOWEVER, if you turn on or off a device in the app, the scene will not be activated/deactivated. Only the single physical device is turned on or off causing multi-way configurations to become out of sync (some on some off).

    This feature would allow a user to add in-app devices as scene directors so that if you turn on or off the device in the director app by the device control, it will also activate the scene just like the physical device and therefore now would be a true virtual representation of the physical switch.


    I have some write this you can read this

    The described feature serves as a critical solution to maintain synchronization in multi-way switch setups, ensuring consistent behavior between physical devices and the controlling app. By linking the devices at a device level, you create a system where activating the scene through a device, whether in an on or off state, triggers the corresponding actions across all interconnected physical devices.

    However, a potential discrepancy arises when controlling the devices solely through the app. When a user turns a device on or off within the app, the associated scene doesn't activate or deactivate automatically. Instead, only the specific device being controlled in the app is affected, leading to an inconsistency in multi-way configurations where some devices may be on while others remain off.

    To address this challenge, the proposed feature introduces a mechanism to designate in-app devices as "scene directors." This designation empowers users to control the scene through the app in a manner akin to physical devices. When a user turns a device on or off via the device control in the app, the associated scene also activates or deactivates concurrently, mirroring the behavior of physical switches. Consequently, the virtual representation of the multi-way switch system accurately reflects the status of its physical counterpart.

    By allowing in-app devices to serve as scene directors, this feature effectively bridges the gap between physical and virtual control, ensuring seamless synchronization regardless of whether the user interacts with physical switches or the app interface. This comprehensive synchronization not only enhances user convenience but also fosters a consistent and reliable multi-way switch experience.
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      You want to add certain in-app devices as "scene directors" so that when you control them via the app (e.g., turn them on or off), it triggers the associated scene, ensuring that all devices in the scene remain in sync. This feature would enhance the user experience and simplify the management of multi-way switch configurations and scenes within a smart home system. Behind the scenes, the app would establish a logical link between the selected devices and their associated scenes. MyAARPMedicare providers This link ensures that when the device is controlled, the scene is automatically activated or deactivated. The app should maintain real-time synchronization between the device state and the scene status. When the user interacts with a "scene director" device, it sends commands not only to the device but also to the associated scene.
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