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Motion Sensor - detection issues

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  • Motion Sensor - detection issues

    I have a MS which has been working properly for several weeks. I get an email when it senses motion and I can confirm via Cam that it properly sensed motion. Recently I have been getting a lot of false reports. I have not moved the MS. There is a Cam right next to the MS but it was there for a couple of weeks before I started getting the reporting errors. I assume that when I pan the camera that the MS might pick up the motion and send a report. I get reports, however, when the cam has not been moved. Will turning on the IR lights on the CAM cause the MS to sense motion? Any thoughts as I get false reports even when the cam has not been moved and the IR lights are off?


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    People have reported getting extra On messages when the battery is low. When you cause the sensor to trigger, does it blink repeatedly, like it has a low battery or can't hear an acknowledgement from a linked responder?


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      This is at a vacation home. I won't be back down for a couple of weeks. Will check it then. How long should a battery last? Unit has been installed since Sept.


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        In my experience, battery life varies greatly based on the type, age and condition of the battery, the operating temperatures, and the device settings. After I install it and verify coverage, I turn the LED indicator off, set it to on-only mode, and let my ISY handle whatever automation tasks are driven by motion. Set that way, using a brand-name alkaline battery, I get through the better part of a year on an indoor sensor that is activated several times a day.

        The worst-case scenario is where the LED indicator is turned all the way up, the unit is in a location where it detects frequent motion, and it is linked to an unresponsive responder (that's been unplugged or moved out of range) that forces multiple retries on each signal transmission. If the unit blinks several times after each motion, that's a definitive sign of a problem with battery or responder devices.

        Can you aim the camera at the motion sensor and see the LED blink?
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          I use the MS with a Hub. Only thing it controls is sending me an email msg when it gets triggered. Going down to the vacation home after Christmas and will check it out.. Do I turn the LED indictor off in the software or is there a dip switch setting?


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            You can do that with the Hub app.


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              I have a motion 2 and it sends every minute a command that is button 19 on shows up on Indigo 7.0. This device is also attached to an insteon hub to control it.
              please help


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                Originally posted by TFitzpatri8 View Post
                You can do that with the Hub app.
                However, with the Hub2 app, you have to go to the motion sensor for the app to be able to change the settings. You do with my 2842-222 sensor. It has Jp5 set to allow software controlled changes, but any change I do requires me to go the the sensor and hold then tap the setup button and tap again when changes have been done.


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                  I have a similar problem with my unit. I recently installed it to switch on a scene when motion is detected at night. The following are all set On - Motion LED; Night Only; Occupancy Mode; On Only mode. Countdown is set to 30. The unit was purchased some time ago, but I only decided to try this task yesterday. Although it behaves properly (turning the lights On and not turning them off) it constantly reports Motion detected. I am not using alerts, but using the Android App, and iOS app and the PC app and it is the same on all of them!

                  I have tried unlinking from the scene, deleting the unit from the hub and performing a factory reset. Then adding it to the hub and linking to the scene. The battery was new and sealed and I tested it at 9.23v. I also tried another battery but it made no difference.

                  So if I sit quietly nearby in a different room in our basement, it continuously reports Motion Detected, but if I move into its sight, it flashes the LED once and turns on the lights. So it is not really seeing motion all the time as if would not fire the lights on if it really was seeing motion all the time would it?

                  In reality, in this particular case, it is not a serious issue. As I am not using this particular device for any situation where I care what the state is, but it seems to be annoyingly odd - unless someone has an opportunity to educate me about what I have done.

                  Many thanks - if you think this should start a new thread, the mods are welcome to move it or just let me know and I will adjust things.



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                    The Hub can’t querry battery-operated devices the way it can power line gear, since the Insteon sensors turn their radio gear off after transmitting for maximum battery life.

                    Instead, the app caches and displays the last signal transmitted by sensors, including motion sensors, open/closed sensors, and leak detectors, so you can check in on the house when you are away and see if anything is wrong. When you set On Only Mode, you made it so the sensor only transmits On messages, so the app only sees that motion was detected. Since it never receives an Off message with that setting, it never gets any message that motion has ceased. Therefore, the last signal it sees will always be an On message.


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                      Many thanks TFitzpatri8 that makes a lot of sense! I had seen the "off" mode earlier before I remembered to set the On Only and had not realised. It's amazing how much there is to know about these things and although I realise it is not possible to document everything, I will try to contact the team to see if they could add a note to explain that in the Motion Detector with the Hub online document

                      Thanks again


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                        Sndflea said: This is at a vacation home. I won't be back down for a couple of weeks"

                        I installed my motion detector just last week and had the same issue. I'm not sure where your vacation home is, but I'm on the Gulf side of Florida and determined that my false alerts were being caused by a large gecko running behind a rain downspout. At least I'm fairly certain that was the cause. I re-positioned its angle away from that location and haven't had a problem since.