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Motion Sensor II Sensitivity to Motion (Model 2844-222)

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  • Motion Sensor II Sensitivity to Motion (Model 2844-222)

    I have three MS II (# 2844-222) and I like the form and USB power option. However, they are way too sensitive to motion. Every time there is a slight breeze my outdoor lighting becomes a disco light show. I am using Indigo with a Mac Mini as my Insteon controller. This software/hardware setup works extremely well and all the other MS adjustment functions are available but I cannot find a way to reduce the motion sensitivity. Is there any raw Insteon code or other way to decrease the sensitivity to motion–say, even just a simple 30% reduction? Thanks for your help!

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    Have you asked in the Indigo Forums if they support it?
    I have seen a Sensitivity setting in a screenshot of the Beta Firmware 5.0.13 for an ISY994i. So I imagine it can be set.


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      I posted a similar question in the Indigo Forums about 2 weeks ago but have yet to get a reply. I've also searched the Indigo forums about the Insteon MSII and the only issue being addressed is the low battery warning and how to prevent it from flooding the Insteon RF channel. Thanks for the info, I'll keep trying. FWIW, Indigo supports a luminance sensitivity setting, i.e., how the MSII responds to light. However, there's apparent way change the sensitivity to motion. I'll bet if the ISY supports a sensitivity to motion setting, eventually so will Indigo.


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        I checked again to make sure I saw it correctly. It did list a Sensitivity setting and other things under the Motion Tab.
        Not too sure if everything worked 100% as they had a list of things that where not as documented and had sent a list to Smarthome.
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          Inside the case is a black two pin jumper which is attached to one pin. Remove it and place it on both and this will reduce the sensitivity of the Motion Sensor II.
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