I recently bought Insteon hub and some other sensors/products. I was under the impression that they all can talk/communicate to each other and then based on their interaction I can setup actions/alerts. For example: the open/close sensor can talk to the motion sensor and detect if it is day or night and based on that send signal to the dimmer switch to turn on/off the lights.

Currently I have an open/close door sensor which signals the dimmer switch to turn on the lights when then door is open and turn off the lights when door is closed. Then I have a motion sensor that signals the same dimmer switch to turn on the lights when it is dark and a motion is detected.

Now the issue - At night when the dimmer switch is turned on (manually) and someone open the door and then close it, doing this will turn off the dimmer switch as well. I do not want that to happen since the switch was turned on manually by someone and also it is dark outside. Same way the motion sensor also turn of the dimmer switch at night when there is no motion detected even when I have manually turned on the dimmer switch.

Can someone please help me out with this, I have been trying hard to find an solution to this issue but Insteon - they do not reply or are very slow at it.