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Schedules not being saved?

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  • Schedules not being saved?

    I got my last question answered, so let's try another... On my phone in the insteon app under SETTINGS/SCHEDULES i can set the schedules for the three devices and one scene I have working now, SAVE those, and I see an UPDATING pop-up in return. There are no warning messages about time conflicts or anything else. All seems good...

    BUT, if I leave the app, not even close it, and come back later, I'll typically see only the scene and one app as having schedules, and the other two as unscheduled. Or maybe one is scheduled at some time I never would have chosen. I have restarted my phone and my hub - no change.

    What am I missing here? Are schedules for scenes somehow scheduled differently in a way that's more reliable? Should I just only use Scenes for scheduling? Kind of CRAP performance for $300 worth of equipment.

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    Without going into detail about your programming, there's little information to go off of to help. From my experience, if schedules are done properly then they run without issue. 1 thing people do is forget to save the schedule for each individual device or scene prior to moving onto the next device/scene schedule.


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      Programming is pretty simple, as these are all on/off devices. Turn on at one specified time, turn off at another. I'm using an iPhone with the latest iOS and the latest Insteon app to schedule (is there another way?). Last time I tried it, I w e n t m u c h m o r e s l o w l y & d i d n 't c l o s e t h e a p p f o r a w h i l e after I was done - that one. As a backstop, I set up some 'safety' scenes that do nothing but turn off all the devices in a room at a time after every other setting should have turned them off so, for example, the living room isn't still lit up at 3am.

      Again, doesn't seem like something I should have to do for an otherwise sophisticated equipment, but 'only' one (one too many) schedules didn't work right this way. You can try to say I forgot to save, but that would not have substituted "SUNRISE' for 1:00am in the case that failed.


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        Once again the exact times you are running and with the exact devices is needed to help diagnose your problem not generalities. To many people use the hub successfully (including myself with family systems) to simply say the hub isn't doing the one thing it can do.

        Most likely the problems you are experiencing is user error (as is the case most times. I get you are frustrated but without a complete understanding of what you're doing we cannot help you get through it.


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          Ok, let's take one case: I have a Scene that turn on a micro on/off module that runs driveway illumination at sunset, and also turns on some other lighting on other modules. I don't what them to all turn off at the same time, so the scene has no off time programmed.

          The micro on/off device has no On time programmed but I have programmed THE DEVICE to turn off at 1:00am. I set that this morning via my iPhone, being very careful to do DONE and SAVE steps. But 8 hours later (now) if i go to SETTINGS/SCHEDULES all the schedules I have set are listed (today) but the micro on/off I set this morning to turn off at 1am, is now listed as turning off at SUNRISE. BTSFPLk**&^%%$#@ that's now what I asked for, i wanted 1:00am! It's not even a different time, it's changed to a whole different 'class' of off time.

          So if this is a user error, please tell me where my error is.


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            Ok, new plan...I now have a scene that turns on the two member-modules for exterior lighting at SUNSET and has an OFF time of 1:00am. One module, an on/off wall switch, has a device schedule with no ON time, but an OFF time of 11:00pm & that seems to be working fine. For the other module, a micro on/off, I set a device schedule with no ON or OFF time. I'm hopeful that this will have everything off at 1:00am.

            I never could get the micro module to behave the way I wanted. The scene had the sunset on time and no off, and the micro module had no ON time and a 1am OFF. I could set that, apparently successfully, and come back later to see that off time listed as SUNRISE - see attached screen grabs from iPhone. I don't understand it, but hopefully with the new scheme I don't need to.