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Hub Pro and adding Insteon devices

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  • Hub Pro and adding Insteon devices

    Can someone give me a hint on why I don't see an Add Insteon button in the Add Device page? The Hub Pro is found and running fw 1.0.7 but I cannot add any of my Insteon devices.

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    That was removed a year ago, back when the app was updated for compatibility with changes made in Apple’s Home app.

    Now you add INSTEON modules using the Set buttons—hold Set on the Hub Pro for about 5 seconds until the front LED starts blinking; then hold the Set button on a compatible INSTEON module for 5 seconds. Both will exit linking mode.

    Wait a couple of minutes for the Hub to interrogate the module, then the module will appear in the Home app with a generic module device name.


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      So with 80+ Insteon devices on 3 floors I will get a pretty good exercise for a week or so, won't I? And some of them are not really accessible enough to press the set button.

      What is the technical reason to disable the option to enter the device ID? And do I have to start linking on one device and the wait for the hub to find it or can I put the hub in linking mode and then press all the set buttons throughout the house?


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        You have to use the method I described, there are no shortcuts.

        The HomeKit Hub isn’t well suited to large retrofit installations, not just because of the adding process but also because of other HomeKit challenges I’ve detailed in other threads.

        If you are going to use Siri, I’d definitely choose an ISY + Raspberry Pi and HomeBridge once you have that many devices involved.


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          Thanks for the feedback. I had the Insteon Hub Pro for two years doing nothing and I now remember why. I have the ISY994 controlling the house right now but with more and more stuff being HomeKit enabled I thought it's time to change from MobiLinc to HomeKit on the phone to control everything. I guess I will need to dig up my Raspberry and see what HomeBridge can do to for my use case. Thanks again for the hints.


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            I would like to thank TFitzpatri8 for the hint about HomeBridge. I installed it on my Plex Media Server which was already running in a macOS VM on ESX and it's finally working the way Hub Pro should have worked from the beginning. It paid off that I had all devices in ISY scenes and now I can use the Home app or Siri to turn them on or off. Controlling scenes has the advantage of the switches and Home app actually showing the state even after turning a light on/off at the switch.

            While there is no need for a RP at the moment I may look into getting that working and run HomeBridge on a dedicated device.

            I wonder why Insteon cannot produce a consumer product like Hub Pro with the functionality of HomeBridge. And I really hope that the ISY guys will eventually include HomeBridge functionality as a true one stop solution of Apple users with Insteon devices.


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              UDI has already shot down Homekit support in its current iteration. It would be to costly for them to support for the amount of users that would take advantage of it.

              Insteon can't do what home bridge can do because one is official and the other isn't. Insteon has to play by the rules while Homebridge doesn't. That allows for much more potential.


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                Just have to say that I have around 30 instead devices spread over the property and I have linked them all manually to the hub pro using the set buttons and everything works great with HomeKit