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Insteon and Echo In Canada (just traded my Google Home today)

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  • Insteon and Echo In Canada (just traded my Google Home today)

    Hello All

    I have done a search but have yet to find a proper answer so I will ask here:

    I have an Echo dot, I am in Canada, Some i believe have said they were able to install the skill even though they are in Canada, if so How if I may ask please, I have tried numerous ways but to no avail, I am currently very frustrated as well as I though I did everything correct

    Got New Hub
    Bought a Google Home Mini thinking it will work come to find out it does not (unless you use ifttt etc) so went a traded someone for their dot.... GRRRRRR so now I cant get the damn dot to work here in Canada and now see that, wait for it.... the damn Google home I just traded away will now work (after just being told it likely wont for a while)


    Can anyone help a frustrated Canadain out please.


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    I would assume they are using VPN to make it look like they are in the states..

    For the other you could be patient until Amazon releases more skills to Canada or buy another Google home.

    In regards to what you hear on the forums, when it comes to insteon no one knows anything. It will always be speculation so take with a grain of salt. Everyone wants things right now so patience is not a virtue so many assume things will not happen.

    Insteon does not release their roadmap so anything you hear is conjecture. Some may know but for a variety of reasons you will not see them mentioning it on the forums.


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      Hey Racer ,

      As of today, the Insteon skill is not available via Alexa in Canada. This is something we are working with Amazon on, as we know it is important to our users in Canada!

      We will be sure to let you know as we receive updates on this.


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        Thank you very much to both of you, and I look forward to hearing more soon Sean again thank you sir for letting me know. FWIW I do have everything kinda working via IFTTT and Stringify but it would be nice to be direct.



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          Sean you would have any update for us Canadian Echo users would you? If you have a moment please.

          thanks in advance.



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            Can someone explain why it takes so long to be available in Canada ? The skill is already built, it's just a matter of having it approved by Amazon. Unless there is something else... Is it a legal issue? Jurisdiction? Or is it a technical issue? What is it?



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              Anybody? Anyone?

              Thank you you in advance.


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                Frustrating to say the least....


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                  Anything? Anyone? At all....


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                    Insteon has many devices and each device will need to be fully tested before Amazon will call it compatible so its going to take them some time. From my research it has to be all or nothing, not "hey we got some devices working so lets push it out." We also got an update from an Insteon Dev at the beginning of January on this thread so its obvious they are working on it since they don't usually respond to any requests here.

                    I think this has been said but if you have to have it working now you can create a free US Amazon account and link it there and then relink it to the CA skill when it is released.


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                      Thank you for the reply Sean, a little snarky but thank you.

                      I was just hoping (as I’m sure were others) for some form of an update, other Sean had replied so I was hoping that he/they would again as it is now the Begning of March, and as you pointed out the last reply was two months ago. And re the number of devices, I would say Lurton would have as many would they not? and that skill is available in Canada.

                      I should also point out I am very happy with my Insteon and have been very happy with the service/support I have received from them in the past.

                      Also I didn’t think a reply was to much to ask, as it is to be honest a bit frustrating that it is not compatible as of now, ( not life or death or really that important in the grand scheme of things however) and yes I have created an American account (then switched back) which I should not have had to do (but was my own choice) so I do in fact have things working, I in fact had everything working before with IFTTT and Sting but that too was a pain in the butt, and to be honest very unreliable. in the end I though it wa a fair question, if you or others do not, my apologies, and for what it’s worth the skill works very well, hopefully we will get a fully supported Canadian version soon.

                      Thanks for for the reply I won’t bother anyone again, I will just wait for the Canadian to hopefully sometime soon be avail.

                      Have a great day!

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                        The skill is available in the USA. For several months/year? The code is written. For the English language. It has been tested. I would really like to know what exactly has to be tested differently for the Canadian market (except the French language of course). Or any other English speaking markets for that matter. Sorry, I don't get that excuse... If someone can explain it, I will understand I'm sure.


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                          Actually to get US Skills to work in Canada, you just have to switch the "language" setting in the Alexa app to US English, and all the US skills will then work (does not matter if your Amazon account is Canadian, or what your address is set to). Of course Alexa then speaks in the US voice, but I like that better than the Canadian one anyway.
                          If you have multiple Alexa devices (like I do), you only need one set to the US voice, for all the US skills to be available to any device. In my set up, I have all except one set to US language, and the last one set to Canadian (English), so I have all US and Canadian skills available.on all devices.