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  • Developer Support Nonexistent?

    Going on a couple years now, Insteon has been basically mum on their hardware documentation. is now a hidden URL no longer linked to from their developer page. (The developer portal still mentions it, and brushing up on your hex, but there's no way to get to it from there.) The documentation hasn't been updated in years and is missing several modules like the Siren and the Motion Detector II, which I've purchased months ago but currently cannot use effectively.

    One time when I complained about needing documentation for the I/O Linc to support, they managed to find the documentation for me, but even an older module like that isn't documented on this URL at all. They had stated something noncommittal about working on a new version of their developer info but that was over a year ago, and we've seen nothing.

    My home automation system is primarily Insteon-based, but I'm now looking into coding Z-Wave and ZigBee support because I have no reason to believe Insteon intends to support developers not using cloud services.

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    True unfortunately.
    I was one of the early members of the paid to be a member the Developers Group.
    One day it just disappeared and the forums and links vanished.
    They didn't even give Universal Devices Inc. the information on the Alert and Siren Modules. To support them in their ISY994i controller.
    The new Motion Sensor only has basic support. Again no real developers information.
    I am now seeing Insteon users going the Z-Wave route and no longer adding any Insteon Modules to their setup.

    Thanks for the links. As I was not even givien that link.

    Lets hope Richmond Capital Partners the new owners. Steps up and help.