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Ants VS In-LineLinc Dimmer

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  • Ants VS In-LineLinc Dimmer

    I have an In-LineLic Dimmer inside one of my driveway columns that turn on the light at the top of the columns at sunset to 20% brightness, and full on when someone enters the driveway or opens the garage door (or from a 6-button dimmer from inside). It's been working fine for for almost 2 years now -- until recently. The circuit is wired to a GFI breaker in the garage and it has been tripping periodically. I finally got around to getting into the column to see what's going on and discovered that the In-LineLinc was the culprit. Thank goodness the problem wasn't in the underground 120v wiring going to the column, 150 ft away!

    So, what made the In-LineLinc fail? A nest of fire ants had taken up residence inside the column, and in their search for food they checked out the insides of the In-LineLinc very thoroughly. There are several small holes in the In-LineLinc which allowed them to get in. Once inside they walked around until they came across 120vac and were electrocuted. Their bodies piled up until they bridged the hot side of the line to earth ground, tripping the breaker.
    That crud in the corner is ant bodies The electric chair Ants everywhere