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Hub and grounding?

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  • Hub and grounding?

    I recently discovered that the outlet my Insteon Hub (and the rest of my computer equipment) was connected to was not grounded. After connecting ground, a single switch started power cycling a light off for about 0.5 - 1-sec every minute or so. No idea why other than blaming it on a noisy ground. Any thoughts?

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    Is the switch on the same circuit?
    I don't have a HUB. If it has a method the log commands on the power lines. Does it show anything?
    If you temporarily as a test. Remove the ground you added. Does the cycling stop?
    Have you tried to power cycle the switch with the breaker or built in Air Gap switch to see if it was confused by maybe a power line event?


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      Grounding should not cause any issues with Insteon devices as it's there for code and does not affect the functioning of devices themselves. I would check how you grounded the outlet itself


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        That behavior is indicative of dropping or loosing a neutral then adding a ground.