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Smoke bridge help please!

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  • Smoke bridge help please!

    Problem with my smoke bridge. I tried to do the pairing to the smoke detector first. I press and hold the set button on the smoke bridge until the green light starts flashing and the smoke bridge beeps, I then press the test button on the smoke detector until it beeps, just over a second, the smoke bridge light turns red and the smoke alarms all start beeping. The smoke alarms stop beeping and the light on the smoke bridge is still solid red. The directions state the light on the smoke bridge will blink red while the smoke detectors are beeping in their test mode. I do have the bridge connecting to the hub and it does send alerts when I press the test button on the bridge.

    I'm wondering if I have a faulty bridge, the red light doesn't flash during setup. Thanks

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    What is the model number of the smoke detector you are using?

    I think they need to be First Alert with either Wireless Interconnect or OneLink Enabled