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Insteon Garage Door Control and Status Kit 74551

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  • Insteon Garage Door Control and Status Kit 74551

    Hi. I added the Insteon Garage Door Control and Status Kit 74551 to my environment. Connected it to my Synoris Garage Door Controller using the two wires and then connected it to the hub and pressed he setup button after the initial install and the garage door opened as it should... and that's it. the app does not open and close the garge door. The insteon garge door control led blinks and the garge door lights turn on when I use the app but the door does not move. Do I need to change any of the settings in the app for it to work? Many thanks in advance,

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    Insteon should be able to be used both through software and without....

    When you tap the set button on the side of the IO Linc does the garage door engage? If not its a physical issue in regards to setup and not a software one.

    If it does engage you might look at the setting in your app. The link below has some screen shots of how it should generally look:


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      Many Thanks SeanM .The garage dor did engage when i pressed it after the initial setup. Will try the settings you provided and let you know the outcome.


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        Sorry for the late reply Got it to work Wasn't anything to do with insteon. The sensors needed to be reset. Works great now. Thanks for all the assistance