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Unlinking a switch from itself

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  • Unlinking a switch from itself

    The switch at the front door of my house turns on and off the patio lights. I have set this switch up to turn on at sunrise and off at sunset. I have also put every switch in my house in a scene with the patio light switch as the controller.

    Unfortunately when I press the switch, every light turn off including the patio lights

    How do I make the switch that is directly connected to the patio lights no longer control the patio lights?

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    It can't since it's directly connected to the patio lights.

    You would need to separate that switch from the lights itslef. To accomplish what you're trying to do, I would replace that switch with a keypad Linc and run constant hot to the fixture. In the fixture itself, I would place a micro-module which you would then link to one of the buttons on the keypad.


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      What lilyoyo1 said. It looks like you want/need a KeypadLinc in that position. If it were me (and I do have a similar setup), I would wire the KeypadLinc directly to the porch lights, as you have done now. Then the on and off buttons at the top and bottom would control the porch lights, which seems intuitive. Then you could program Button A on the KeypadLinc to be your "All Off" scene, which turns everything off, except the porch lights (which is exactly how I have mine too). You would also have Buttons B, C and D to do other things...

      This idea wouldn't have the need for the micro-switch, but I see why lilyoyo1 recommended it.