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  • Custom Paddles Discontinued

    It appears that Smarthome has discontinued the 2400WC switch and dimmer custom paddles or If anyone has a suggestion on how to get custom paddles made it would be greatly appreciated. I've used them a lot and they are great, and I just finished a big project expecting to be able to get them and seem to be out of luck.

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    I, too, am greatly disappointed. I don't have any unlabelled (interior) paddles.The problem is that you can't argue about lack of sales. Well, you can argue, but it won't help
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      This is REALLY irritating. I just bought into Insteon in a brand new house build. The etched paddles and keypad buttons were part of the selling feature. Any way to get them brought back?


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        Probably not. You could always email them to see what they can do. While it may not work on an individual level, if enough people want it, maybe then they'll bring it back.