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Keypad button status when on/off initiated by Android App

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    Keypad button status when on/off initiated by Android App

    Can the status of a light be indicated on the keypad when using the Android App. Answering my own question, yes, if I have a scene created and the lamp module and both wall switches are members of the scene. I don't want to use a scene because Alexa cannot dim a scene. And I don't want to use to commands, one to turn on the scene and one for dimming the lamp module.

    HUB = 2245-222 v 1012
    Wall Switch = 2334-232 x2
    Lamp Module = 2457D2
    Android App = I am assuming the latest
    Windows 10 = I am assuming the latest (also has the same result)

    The two wall switches, button D in this case, and the lamp module are hard linked, I think that's what it is called. In other words if I press a D button, the lamp comes on and the other D button lights. Works the other way and if I control the lamp module the two D buttons react.

    Using the Android App; in my scene all three devices are responders. The scene as stated above, operates the lamp and the two D buttons. If I choose the lamp device, the light comes on but the status of the D buttons remains off.

    What configuration step(s) am I missing?

    When it comes to scenes, this is for direct control of the device. This control can come from an app (turning the scene itself on) or locally by hitting the button. When you tell alexa to turn onyour light; it turns on. Since you are turning on the light itself via alexa instead of the scene, only the light itself will turn on instead of all devices in that scene.

    While this in unwelcome, it is also what allows you to have the same devices be part of multiple scenes.


      Would this be a valid use for IFTTT? I could create a scene for two or three dim levels but Alexa has trouble sometimes when device names are similar i.e. "turn on lamp 10%" turn on lamp 50%".


        Our Echos have no difficulty distinguishing between, say 15% and 50%. But I'm using an ISY, not the Hub for voice control. OTOH, enunciation is the key to the Echo's comprehension of commands
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