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  • Smoke Bridge sends to email or text

    Hi, I have Smoke Bridge up and running, it is working as expected with 5 smoke alarms and 1 carbon monoxide alarm.

    But however I could not find any documentation or manual how to setup email to be sent when smoke bridge gets smoke or CO2 alarm going off. Could you please give me guidance where to find the documentation or post it here how to do it.

    I'd appreciate your input. I currently have 1st gen insteon hub and insteon app running on android phone.

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    Go to Settings, Devices, and turn on the slide switches for Smoke Alert and Carbon Monoxide Sensor. If you tap on the text Smoke Alert or Carbon Monoxide Sensor, that'll bring up the email it sends. From there, you can edit or add to the emails or phone numbers where it sends the alerts.


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      Thanks! Its really hidden in text, wow! It helps! can it be two emails and two sms numbers? delimited by comma or space?


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        Yeah! I added comma to separate two emails and two SMS text numbers. It did sent out alerts to both emails and sms as well!! Thanks and it made my day!


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          Good bye SMS. I mean, who really wants an SMS when their house is on fire. I mean a good old reliable e-mail is so much more timely.