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Open/Close Sensor or Door Sensor?

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  • Open/Close Sensor or Door Sensor?

    I have installed two seemingly identical open/close sensors behind two doors. However one of them is reported as "Door Sensor" in the Windows 8 Hub app, while the other is reported as "Open/Close Sensor" and therefore they are not listed in the same category in the Quick View section of the app. The Windows Phone 8 and Android app see both of them as "Open/Close Sensor". Are there different types of sensors or is this more likely a software issue in the Windows 8 app?

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    There are two different types of sensor that can be used to detect (and respond to) the opening an closing of a door. There's an Open/Close Sensor and also a Hidden Door Sensor.
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      In my case I have two open/close sensors not the hidden one. They are both the same type.


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        Actually, they even send different alerts. The sensor that gets published as "Door sensor" sends alerts with the text "Door 1 On Message sent by INSTEON" for both open and close actions, while the sensor that gets published as "Open/Close Sensor" sends alerts with the text "Door 2 Closed Message sent by INSTEON" and "Door 2 Opened Message sent by INSTEON". Weird, eh? I wonder whether this comes from the hub or the devices, though. I might have enabled some specific behaviour by wrongly pressing the set button.


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          Just found out the text of the alerts is configurable from the apps, very good. However, I still don't understand the cause of the different device category name and different default text.