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On/Off Module Turning Off when Lights Turn off

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    On/Off Module Turning Off when Lights Turn off


    We've got the On/Off module in our bedroom on a small fan. Easy setup and everything works fine. I also have the light switch (dimmer) controlling the overhead lights. It's associated with the "Master Bedroom" room. The fan, while located in there, has no room association. The dimmer controls only the lights and nothing else; and, it is wired to not turn off any outlets, as some rooms have where all the top outlets are also controlled on a light switch or another.

    We've got a Google Home device in there, so a, "Hey Google, turn on/off master bedroom lights" works awesome.

    The fan, when you issue the off command, will also turn off, even though it's not associated with any room and called just "Fan"

    "Hey Google, turn off/on fan" works just fine.

    Is there a reason for the lights talking with the fan this way? I can't think of why there'd be crosstalk. Screenshot of the device attached.