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LampLinc Dimmer Dual Band #2457D2

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  • LampLinc Dimmer Dual Band #2457D2

    I have a LampLinc Dimmer that isn't working. The Rev is 1.23 and other numbers on the back of it are 2610 and 14.47.05 (not sure what the meanings of these are but I include them for completeness). I haven't used it in a while and it has been stored in a sealed plastic shoebox with my other Insteon items. In case it's relevant, I am a Mech Engr with about 25 years experience.

    When I plug the module in, nothing happens. No LEDs, load doesn't light up, nothing. The first thing I thought was maybe a factory reset could help. Holding the set button, I plugged it in and waited for any signs of LED flashing, but nothing. Dark LEDs. I retried the reset with a 60W load plugged in. Nothing.

    My sense is that this particular module is pretty old. At least a few years old. So, I opened it up to see if there were any signs of damage to the components. The only thing I can see that catches my eye are two silver can capacitors that are on opposite sides of the PCB. One of them is Y1 and the other Y2. They each are surrounded by a brown substance. I'm wondering if these caps have failed and released their electrolyte. The cans don't appear bulged at all, and I suppose the brown substance could be some adhesive or conformal coating applied during manufacturing.

    I will attach pics. I am hoping someone has seen this behavior before, and perhaps has seen these caps, and can comment on whether these caps have failed. Or, if something else can lead to a completely dead LampLinc, I'd be interested in any suggestions.

    Is it possible to replace these caps and bring the LampLinc back to life? They look straighforward to change out, but I don't know what their values are.


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    They are not capacitors.
    They are crystals. The brown substance is component fasting compound to keep them in place on the back of the PCB..
    When it ages it seems to get darker and if the component is warm. It can turn blackish from the heat.
    14.47.05 is the six digit Insteon ID. 2610 is a date code.

    The photos in the FCC Database show a LNK354 switching supply chip.
    I would look at the electrolytic capacitors in the unit and replace them with ones rated to be on a switching supply. As general purpose capacitor will not work well in a switching supply.
    I have not dissected one so I can't give you the C# of the ones in the switching supply.


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      Hi all. Similar issue here. After about 2 years of continuous use, a 2457D2 just went dead. No LED when plugged in, can't reset it just by holding SET. No signs of damage/burning inside. Had another failure recently too, a 2000SLS3. I haven't reset them as the Insteon doc suggests by leaving them plugged in and resetting the breaker while holding SET, do I have to do this for these models? It seems I should at least get an LED even if they need to be reset, but maybe not. The always-on power outlet does work on the SLS3.
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        You don't have to cycle the breaker. Since both are a plug in modules. For the 2457D2. Unplug it for a minute or so. Then hold the set button and plug it in. Keep holding it until is stops beeping. Then release it.

        The older 2000SL3 does not beep and I can't remember how long its manual says to hold it.
        I suspect the 2457D2 may have a power supply issue. See post #2 here.
        The older 2000SL3 may also have a power supply issue.


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          Having the same issue here. 2457D2 just stopped working. Took it apart, no sign of anything. Safe to assume it is dead? No chance of breathing life into it?


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            If the LED is Off.
            You can try a power cycle reset.
            Unplug. Wait at least ten seconds and plug back in.

            Factory Reset.
            Unplug. Wait at least ten seconds. While holding the Set Button. Plug it in and keep holding the Set Button. If it starts beeping. Keep holding the Set Button until the beeping stops.

            If the LED is still Out. It has failed. Most likely a power supply issue.

            Can it be fixed?
            Well if you are electronically inclined and can SAFELY work on a power line fed power supply. You maybe able to find the bad part and replace it.
            I have fixed a few of the 2456S3 ApplianceLincs. Mostly filter capacitors and a shorted Zener diode.
            And some 2413S PLMs and hardware revision 2 2443 Access Points