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Remotes will not factory reset

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  • Remotes will not factory reset

    I have two mini remotes and I can’t get them to factory reset.

    I have followed the directions given in the Insteon website and still.

    Wouldnt be so bad but Im trying to change around some scenes and some of the old setting are still in there and it’s making weird stuff happen.

    Any advice?

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    How did you reset the mini remotes? Are you waiting until the long beep stops?

    Note: The manual does state to unlink your responders as they could still respond to mini remote commands after a reset


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      I found that out myself.
      If the responders did not have the Mini Remotes unlinked from them. Even after being factory reset. The responders still follow the remotes commands.


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        Insteon links have two components—a controller link in the mini remote controller, and a responder link in any linked responders. You either have to unlink them, or perform a factory reset on *both* the controller *and* all responder modules, to erase any relationships.