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    I have the 74451 garage door kit. I no longer want to use the controller to open and close the garage door. I want to use the controller to turn on and off a light. When the garage door opens the light goes on. The light will go off when the door closes. Can I get someone to give me some direction on how to convert the garage door opener to an on/off switch for a light?

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    You want to use the 2450 I/OLinc to now trigger a garage light and not control the garage door or still have it also control the garage door also?
    Do you have any interface you are using for the kit now? Like a HUB or ISY994i?
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      I am using the insteon hub. I have disconnected the insteon garage door controller and went with another garage door controller. I am adding more light in my garage and thought about plugging my new light into my unused io controller. I want my light to turn on/off when the garage door open closes. I also have a garage door wall controller that has a light button on it. Can I somehow wire that button into the io controller as well?


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        You can't use the 2450 I/OLinc relay to control a 120 volt lighting circuit.
        It has a maximum voltage rating of 30 Volts AC or DC for the relay.
        The Sensor input for connection to a dry contact switch has a 5 volt sensing voltage on it. The garage controller has its own voltage on the wires to the lighted push button. It would probably cause damage to the 2450 I/OLInc Sensor Input or would cause the garage door controls to work incorrectly.