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Min dim level and ramp behavior of Insteon bulbs?

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  • Min dim level and ramp behavior of Insteon bulbs?

    What is the minimum dim level of an Insteon bulb? I have many dozens of 2477D's and LampLinc's connected to various types of LED bulbs and have learned which brands of bulbs do and don't work attached to dimmers. Using these configurations, I have learned to live with bulbs that dim to approximately 10% and then shut off. They are not capable of doing a slow ramp-up or ramp-down in brightness. They are close enough for some purposes, but fail to deliver the aesthetic benefit of true slow-ramp-up.

    I'm wondering how the Insteon bulbs do in this regard... If I set the brightness of an Insteon bulb to 1%, what will I see? When I turn on/off an Insteon bulb will I see slow ramp up in brightness from zero?

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    Insteon bulbs step up and down more than a smooth ramp (it's possible that this may have changed but I doub't it) while it can get lower than most led bulbs, I personally wouldn't use them.

    Give the Philips warm glow bulbs a chance. I use a 2 second to and they do really well