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Insteon and stand alone cameras

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  • Insteon and stand alone cameras

    I have an extensive insteon setup and felt that the camera's in insteon were poor for a security system so I have installed a further 4 hard wired cameras going in to a dvr unit. Is it possible to see these camera's in the insteon app or is there another piece of software that will bring these things together.

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    The Insteon for Hub apps support Insteon cameras only. For other cameras or DVRs, one alternative is the ISY controller and MobiLinc with the optional camera plugin (iOS version only).

    Otherwise, you'll need to use seperate apps for control and cameras. IPCamViewer is a good one.


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      ok thanks for the info. Do you know if its a big pain switching from the hub to the ISY or does one just plug it in


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        The ISY can collect link information directly from your Insteon modules, but you'll still need to rename scenes. MobiLinc offers a MobiLinc Connect service that avoids the need to get a static ip or set up a dynamic address forwarding service. The full owner's manual for the ISY is inline, and the manufacturer has a terrific support forum here:


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          You'll have to add each device to the ISY. Actually, it's best to start over.
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