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API V2 - API actions do not sync with the hub

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    API V2 - API actions do not sync with the hub

    I have created an Android app that uses the Insteon V2 API. It can modify scenes (in particular, the on and off times) and it can issue commands to scenes (on and off). I have found that if I change the on / off time for a scene using my app, I can use the regular Android Insteon app and see that the scene has changed (same if I enable or disable a scene (set on time to blank, off time to blank, timer enabled to false, and the daymask to 0).

    The problem is, the scene change does not get synchronized (sent to) the hub! The hub continues to follow the original time, not the modified time. Thus the API and the hub get out of synch. Using "Get latest configuration" in the Insteon app doesn't seem to change anything. The app is smart enough not to try to set the same time as another scene (if that happens, it turns off the other scene) so that is not the issue.

    The same app can turn on and off scenes, and these commands work just fine - they are sent to the hub.

    So .... Is the API just broken when it comes to changes in the scenes?

    In addition - it would certainly be nice to be able to send just the changes to a scene (e.g. on/off times) rather than having to download the entire scene, make the changes, and then upload it again - seems to be very error prone.

    Ok - As you may be aware, "Insteon will be upgrading our cloud servers to improve performance starting at 8PM PDT on 13 June 2016. The upgrade is expected to last no more than 15 minutes."

    Well, now that they have done that "upgrade" an attempt to "Modify a Scene" ( returns an HTTP 500 error: "There has been an internal error." ,code:5001

    Insteon, if you are anywhere near these forums, please get your API working or declare that it doesn't work and you aren't going to fix it.

    Thank you.



      Thanks for the nudge. I finally found the right e-mail address to communicate with the API developers (for people that have signed up for the API it is the e-mail address that sent your API Key) .

      The good news is that I reached a very nice, knowledgeable, and sharing individual at Insteon. We exchanged a few e-mails and I really appreciate the chance to communicate with him.

      The bad news is:
      Unfortunately, you are running into the current limitation with the API. The API does not provide all the features available via the phone apps, especially configuration related operations. As you described, the data and relationships get setup but there seems to be something out of sync with the hub. This is exactly the portion that the API does not currently support. When you setup scenes and/or devices, there's linking activity that needs to happen between the hub and devices that properly configures the hub to know about scene and/or device you are setting up. This only happens via the phone app for various technical reasons at this time.
      So, the bottom line is, if you want to do much more than turning things on and off, the API is not at all ready for you. I guess it is possible that Insteon will get the time and resource to complete it but I wouldn't count on it. If you are a developer, now is not the time to invest in the Insteon API.