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  • Insteon with Amazon Echo / Alexa

    I'm surprised I haven't seen more discussion on here related to Amazon Echo' support of the Insteon Hub this past month.

    So far I linked up 1 dimmer module, 2 keylincs and an on/off module.

    The on/off module works 95% of the time. The others I had to set up single device groups in the Echo App and they work only about 50% of the time. I am not sure why but when they don't work Alexa complains that it "found more than one device with name X, which did you mean?" And I will repeat X and it will work about half the time.

    I am not sure if the conflict is with the Insteon Hub settings or the Alexa settings.

    Is anyone else using Echo, and what is your own experience?



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    I got my new hub setup and working with the Echo a few days ago. Only real problems I've had have been caused by the names I've given the various devices. I don't know for sure, but I would guess that the Echo back end is using some type of regex matching so after creating groups with the exact phrase I want to use the problems went away.

    I also found that if I try creating a group with more than 4-5 lights in it, it's pretty hit or miss on which ones will come on. Guessing the thing is timing out before it can get through the entire list since I can see a delay for groups that only have 2 switches in them.

    I have not spent any time looking into how the hub actually works (haven't had to with everything working as I wanted it to) but was wondering, when a command comes in to turn something on, is this a fire-and-forget type transaction between the hub and the switch?, or is it a request-response process?


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      Voice training with the echo may help, I've also found that changing the names of some of the devices works. If the name tends to sound like a mumble when you say it, echo can't understand it, unless you say it very slowly and enunciate well. While on the subject of echo, how can you get echo to turn on scenes? I've only been able to turn on individual devices with echo.