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Migrating from Hub 1 to Hub 2

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  • Migrating from Hub 1 to Hub 2

    Sorry if this is explained somewhere, but I haven't found an answer so far and would prefer not to blindly mess up my installation. I have an installation based on Hub 1 and just got a new Hub 2. Is there an official way of smoothly migrating from one to the other or do I have to redo everything from scratch? Thanks for any suggestion.

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    I don't see any smooth migration path from the original Hub to the newest generation, nor any benefit for existing users to switch. For people just starting out, the improved wireless range ought to be a plus. However, if you already have a working setup with the 2012 Hub, that $40 is probably better spent on something else. I like custom button engraving myself, that minimizes 'how do I turn that off' questions when I have guests!


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      Well, the reason to migrate for me is exactly the improved range. I have a couple of door sensor that I cannot make work with the 2012 Hub, they seem to be just out of range and are seen by the hub as always open. I tried changing batteries, re-registering them several times, but no chance. However, just a couple of metres closer and they work fine. It could also be some interference, but I've no idea how else to solve this. Also, there are a few other things I'd like to install in the garden and they would apparently be beyond the 2012 Hub range. The 2014 Hub did seem a good solution, but I don't like the idea of removing and re-registering all existing devices. Although it's not more than an afternoon worth of work, I was trying to find a way to avoid it if possible.