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Version Updates for Windows and Windows Phone Apps

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  • Version Updates for Windows and Windows Phone Apps

    Ok, I am going to try and be as positive as I can in this post. First of all, I am grateful and frankly amazed that Insteon has made the commitment to support Windows and Windows phone in addition to Android and iOS. So a heartfelt "Thank You" to Insteon for that!!

    In the Insteon Support Knowledgebase, there is a great chart of "Insteon for Hub Supported Devices by Platform" and it shows just what features are lagging behind in the Windows and Windows Phone Apps (and one behind in Android, surprisingly....).

    So getting to the point of this thread: Does anyone have any information (insider or otherwise) as to when we can expect a new version(s) of the Windows and/or Windows Phone version of Insteon for Hub?

    There are a number of nagging issues discussed at length here in this forum that need to be addresses by the Insteon development team and it would be nice to know at the very least, of a time table for when we can expect some fixes!


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    Yes, please. When do we get some kind of notification on the Windows Phone Insteon app? You took away text messages and now Insteon on Windows Phone is useless to me.


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      Sad state of affairs Smart Labs- your efforts on the Win platform are something to be desired. Also when speaking to support they always say a Win update is imminent.


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        When Insteon turned off text notifications, and did not release a updated Windows Phone app with Push notifications, it was clear that the love affair was over with Insteon and Microsoft. I would have been really upset if I was MS, as they pushed insteon hard and this is what they get? So I buy an entire system, get it all just the way I want, and insteon gives up on me. I tried talking to them a few times, they stopped e-mailing me back. I would even pay a low yearly fee to get some sort of better support.


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          Insteon needs to sign up for Project Astoria and Islandwood betas from Microsoft. These tools make it easy to port iOS and Android apps to Windows/Windows Phone. They could fix these and all UI issues in a few days at most if they would get and use them. It could unify the user experience across all 3 platforms as well without writing/rewriting apps for each platform. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, and being an MS partner, they are practically guaranteed access.


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            Microsoft is obviously still interested, There was quite a bit at my local Microsoft store about Insteon... Hopefully they will be updating to the new Cross Platform apps with windows 10. Then all platforms would automatically get the same features...


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              Supposed to be a new app update released in the next few days according to a source at Insteon. Mostly bug fixes I'm told, no word on push notification support though.


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                Push notification works kinda. You just need to enable it on a Apple IOS device, then you will get them on the phone. Sometimes. They look cool when they work.