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Trouble with time scheduling, alerts and the Hub+ (Europe)

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  • Trouble with time scheduling, alerts and the Hub+ (Europe)

    I recently tested an Insteon Hub+ (Europe) + some Insteon devices. I detected few anomalies in both the mobile app WP8 and the Hub+.
    1. When setting the time scheduling (i.e. lights ON at a certain time) I don't receive any warning.
    2. Alerts not always working. Sometimes yes, others do not.
    3. Some inconsistencies between the settings of the mobile app and the Hub+ (i.e. when setting a Monday schedule in the app, the Hub detects it as SUNDAY).

      It seems like there are time inconsistencies between the app and the Hub+.
      Anybody else experienced a similar behaviour?

      Kind regards

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    1. Any thing I schedule occurs at the scheduled time. That's as expected. What warning are you awaiting?
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      Uh, I'm sorry, it was my mistake!
      Thanx Stu