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Hub firmware update 1016 BREAKs HomeSeer

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    Hub firmware update 1016 BREAKs HomeSeer

    The new firmware update has completely broken HomeSeer plugins that use the HUB. The new firmware now seems to require HTTPS and the plugins were written using http strings, not the API. Therefore Homeseer can no longer login to the HUB locally and all insteon automation functions have stopped working for hundreds of customers. More detail is here on homeseer forum.

    I opened tickets but downgrade is not possible.

    I need a developer to address this. I have over 50 insteon devices controlled by homeseer. my automation system have become worthless with this upgrade.


    I would recomend everyone open a ticket and send an email to

    here is what I sent:
    insteon HUB firmware update broke homeseer 3rd party access - cannot log in locally via http

    I contacted insteon support. the 1016 firmware changes the local access of the hub from http to https and required SSL.

    this breaks homeseer plugin access and now the automation system is down for hundreds of customers.

    A developer need to provide http string access like before in a update for

    this thread will explain:

    i got this response:
    We have received Mark's message and it has been forwarded onto the developer team for review. At this time however I do not have a timeline to provide on any resolution for this.