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List of Camera's that Work With Insteon?

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  • List of Camera's that Work With Insteon?

    Is there a list of camera's, besides the official Insteaon camera's, that work with the hub? Are their specific requirements that a camera needs to be able to do?

    I tried setting up my old D-Link DCS-930L through the Insteon IOS app (Add the device then wait for the help button on the bottom to enter IP, Port, UN, and password) but I had no luck. I am able to use the D-Link camera in iSPY. I bought the 2245-222 hub about a week ago to replace my old one (about 8 years old)

    Specifically, I am looking for a new camera for my front yard and I was hoping to have a few more options. I currently have 2 indoor Insteon camera's and 2 outdoor ones as well.

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    Only insteon cameras are supported by the insteon hub