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Recent Hub Account Outages Caused by DDoS Attacks Against Dyn

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  • Recent Hub Account Outages Caused by DDoS Attacks Against Dyn

    As you're probably aware by now, last Friday there were multiple large DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks against Dyn, a major DNS provider. (DNS is an internet service that translates friendly website names like into an internet address that your browser or connected device can use.) The goal of a DDoS attack is to take websites offline, not an attempt to attack or capture data stored on those systems. The attacks caused many websites, large and small, to become inaccessible for several hours throughout the day. The services that Insteon Hubs use for communication were impacted while our service providers worked to restore service.

    Insteon products, including Insteon Hubs and IP cameras, are not vulnerable to the type of attack that caused Friday's outages.

    Dyn's preliminary findings on the attacks indicate broadly that IoT (Internet of Things) devices involved in the attack were compromised by the Mirai malware, but they didn't indicate which types of IoT devices were involved or how they were compromised. Additional information on the attacks from multiple security researchers indicates that it was primarily home routers and CCTV systems (including both cameras and DVRs) running insecure servers that had default usernames and passwords left in place, or with hard-coded passwords that users cannot change. Some security researchers have identified a small number of manufacturers that appear to have affected products; none of these products are part of the Insteon product line.

    The integrity and security of the Insteon ecosystem, both on our servers and in your home, are a top priority for us. We will continue to work closely with our service providers and factories to make sure that our products remain safe.