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How to use a 2441TH thermostat as a switch

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    How to use a 2441TH thermostat as a switch


    I would like to power a 2441TH thermostat with an external power supply and connect it to a low power device to function as an on/off switch for the device. The device has its own separate power supply. The thermostat would turn the device on or off based on the room temperature.

    If that's possible, I would need to know power supply voltage (it seems to be 24V), which terminals on the thermostat to connect the external power supply to, and which terminals to use to place the thermostat in-line of the device.


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    This is from looking at the 2441TH manuals as I don't own one to test with.
    I do have the FCC Database information and Developers Notes for the 2441TH.

    The 2441TH needs a 24VAC supply connected to 24VAC COM and 24VAC RH for its power.
    It also has Triac outputs so you would need a AC power supply on your outputs. So it has to be a 24VAC signal for the Triac to work. The same supply can be used for both needs.
    A 24VAC relay for controls. From 24V COM and W1 for the heat control. Then the relay control your external low voltage device.


      Thanks very much. I found this video that seems to show what you explained.
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        Nice find.
        It does look like they powered it with a 24VAC transformer on COM and RH.
        A 24VAC relays coil on COM and W1 and its contacts controlling the device you want to control.


          For anyone interested, I did set this up and it works perfectly.