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On/Off Wall Outlet with Alexa?

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  • On/Off Wall Outlet with Alexa?

    Tonight I installed the On/Off Wall outlet in my Kitchen. It works great manually through the (Insteon) app, but since the top and bottom outlets can be controlled individually, can each outlet be named individually? For example; "blender" for the top outlet and "waffle iron" for the bottom outlet ?

    I ask because I generally use Alexa to control all my Insteon devices, and while the Alexa app does see the new outlet, I can't seem to turn either outlet on or off via Alexa.

    Any help with this would be appreciated.
    Insteon Hub II (2014) Model:2245-222

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    A follow up question; The commands for Alexa vary a lot between different devices and manufactures. Sometimes they are oddly specific commands, and small differences in the phrasing can throw Alexa for a loop. I'm wondering if this is the issue I'm having...

    What would be the correct command to turn the top (or bottom) outlet on / off?
    Insteon Hub II (2014) Model:2245-222


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      When you want to do something more complicated than to just turn a primary device completely on or completely off, that’s when you want to start using INSTEON (not Alexa) scenes. INSTEON scenes can set dimmers to different on levels, turn some devices on and others off, include secondary devices (such as the bottom outlet on an On/Off Outlet or secondary buttons on a keypad), adjust multiple settings at once (like setting the FanLinc fan it medium and the light to 20%), and will trigger everything to happen simultaneously instead of one at a time.

      For your scenario, just create an INSTEON scene, and add the bottom outlet (and anything else that should function at the same time). Then you can either wait a few minutes for Alexa to notice the new scene, or you can go into the Alexa app, Smrthome, Devices, scroll to the bottom, and tap Discover for Alexa to identify the addition.