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  • 12v


    I am in the process of building a tiny home and love the idea of it being a smart home. All of the lights in the home will be 12v (to save on solar power) and I was curious if the dimmer switches would work over 12v lines. I will also have 110 running throughout and I am unsure how this will all work or if it even will. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    No they will not work with 12 Volts.
    Have to be 100-277VAC 50/60 Cycles. For most of the wired in modules.
    Some of the plug in modules are 120VAC 60 Cycles.
    Since they time the signals from the 50 or 60 cycles. It has to be very close in frequency and the AC wave has to be clean. So you solar inverter has to be clean and a good sine wave.


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      Thank you for the information. Looks like I won't be using 12v lighting after all.


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        Whatever your source of power, even if it's solar 120VAC, must produce a pure sine wave to be Insteon compatible. Not all solar power supplies are.
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          I will definitely be using a pure sine inverter.