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Have 2 Hubs, in 2 different locations

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  • Have 2 Hubs, in 2 different locations

    One hub is offline, but the iPad app won't let me logon to the operating hub. What's the solution?

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    What's the problem? Specifically what are you doing and what is/are the result(s)? and does the offline Hub have anything to do with the difficulty? Why is it offline? Details, details, details!
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      I have one hub and installation in Florida, the other independent installation with its own dedicated hub in NY. However I only had one login name and password. When Florida went offline during the power outage caused by Hurricane Irma, I couldn’t log in to my account. The only solution I found to work was to separate the accounts using two different emails. This means, on an iPad, logging in to one site, then log out to get to the other site.... , BUT, since the Insteon app doesn’t allow me to have two login applications, it’s a cumbersome solution.. Mybe I should shop for another application?