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"No Response" in Homekit

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  • "No Response" in Homekit

    I have been using a Homekit enabled Insteon Hub for about a year. One thing that I find unusual is the fact that upon opening Homekit all of my insteon devices read "No Response" in bright red, however, if I tap the device I want to control it wakes it up and then I tap it again to turn it on or off. Is this a common problem for Homekit users and is there a fix for this? It's a little annoying to see a screen filled with "No Response" despite the fact it still works. Otherwise, minus a few hiccups a reboot can't handle I've been a pretty happy customer.

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    I reported this to technical support over many phone calls and e-mails, and was told that the technical team would look into it and they would get in touch with me regarding an update... it’s been a year with no response from them. I’ve read from other people that the error occurs if you have 10 or more insteon devices. I don’t think Insteon has any interest in supporting HomeKit further. It’s a shame.